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Trends in Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Optus, a large Australian telecoms company, recently became a victim of a significant data breach. The exposed data left one in three Australians at risk of identity theft. Subsequently, many individuals caught up in the breach cannot use their passports […]

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What is DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Data has become a valuable commodity in the digital world. Unfortunately, this commoditization of data leads to its monetization, and cybercriminals love to follow the money. In the report “The State of Security 2022” analysis by Splunk and the Enterprise […]

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How to Choose a Secure Software Development Company

Wondering how to choose a secure software development company in 2022? Let’s find out.  The hit book “Seven habits of highly effective people” sold 25 million copies worldwide and was translated into 40 languages. It was a success because it […]

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The Great Resignation and What it Means for Software Development and Data Security

The Great Resignation – Productivity & Data Loss Prevention during the Pandemic The phrase, ‘The Great Resignation’ has entered the lexicon of our post-pandemic world, but what does it mean? This new catchphrase describes the now, widely observed, phenomena of […]

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