Mark Clement

How to Choose a Secure Software Development Company

February 9, 2022

Wondering how to choose a secure software development company in 2022? Let’s find out.  The hit book “Seven habits of highly effective people” sold 25 million copies worldwide and was translated into 40 languages. It was a success because it […]

Source Code Security Highlights of 2019 Report

September 19, 2019

Source code theft is when a malicious insider, or someone outside of your organization, steals the source code to your software. Threat from external actors is often spoken about. Every day we awake to news of a customer data breach […]

Top Data Breaches of 2019: Half-Year Review

September 19, 2019

2019 looks set to be another record year of major data breaches. All forms of data, from personal to sensitive company information to Intellectual Property, is at risk. The World Economic Forum’s “The Global Risks Report 2019” has placed cyber-attacks […]

Top Data Breaches of 2018 Report

September 19, 2019

In 2018, we saw some of the largest data breaches of all-time. Just when you thought you’d seen the worst, with the 2017 hack of Equifax resulting in the exposure of 143 million data records, the data breaches of 2018 […]

What to Do if You Suspect an Employee is Stealing Code

July 17, 2019

There are few things in business more sensitive or more upsetting than finding out that an employee has stolen from your company. Yet, the issue of employee theft remains a major problem. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported annual losses […]